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Question & Answers About AVANI Water

Q: What is it that makes the AVANI water process so special?

A: The foremost feature of AVANI water is the unique process, which allows high levels of oxygen to be dissolved and stabilized. What is so special is the fact that we are able to dissolve high levels of oxygen and that the oxygen is retained in the water for a long time after the bottle is opened.

Q: You say the water is ‘pure’. How pure is the water?
A: One of the most desirable qualities of AVANI water is purity. Unlike no other bottled water of which we are aware, we clean and polish the water down to less than 2 parts per million. This is a remarkable level of purity not usually seen in commercially produced water.

Q: Does AVANI look any different?
A: Yes. Unlike up water and other premium-bottled waters in which you may see floating dissolved solids AVANI water will appear strikingly crystal clear by comparison.

Q: How long is the oxygen retained in the AVANI water?
A: This is always a difficult question to answer because of external conditions like exposure to ultra violet rays in sunlight and warm temperatures. However, the remarkable characteristic of AVANI water is that even after several days with the cap off a high level of oxygen remains in the product.

Q: Does my body benefit from drinking AVANI water?
A: The presence of oxygen revitalizes blood in a cleansing process which removes toxins and other unwanted substances from the body. Inadequate oxygen supply is a primary cause of lethargy and delayed recovery from sickness and disease. Oxygen ingested through the stomach provides high levels of blood cell absorbance.

Q: Has the proprietary Oxygen Enrichment process been approved by the authorities?
A: The AVANI product is made to the most rigorous procedures and is licensed as a government certified oxygen enriched bottled water manufacturer. AVANI is also approved for import into the United

Q: What are the marketing advantages of AVANI?
A: AVANI is created with three main marketing features in mind. It is remarkably pure, being filtered down to less than 2ppm total dissolved solids. AVANI contains high levels of much needed dissolved and stabilized oxygen and finally, it is produced in an enclosed ‘clean room’ facility, which the remote possibilities of contamination are highly improbable.

Q: Does water have a taste?
A: Yes, most drinking waters do have a taste. Taste indicates the presence of contaminants, more particularly chemicals like chlorine, metals and organic materials. Pure water has no taste. However, although clean and relatively taste-free the unique process of AVANI does have a refreshing quality and a remarkable smooth texture.

Q: What are the main problems with regular tap water?
A: There are many concerns with regular tap water. The water may contain chemicals and metals. Some chemicals are even added to the water, such as chlorine, which is designed to kill life forms, which can cause immediate stomach sickness. However, chlorine is a bleach and a poison which, when mixed with organic materials, can lead to cancer.

Q: Is it important to remove metals from drinking water?
A: The answer is ‘yes’. Metals that you ingest are not easily disposed of as waste from the body. They simply cannot be absorbed in the tissues. They accumulate and can lead to a variety of diseases, particularly in later life.

Q: Can pure water remove inorganic minerals?
A: Research shows that pure water can pick up inorganic mineral deposits from joints, artery walls and carry them out of the system. Conversely, unpurified water causes a build-up of inorganic minerals in our joints, artery walls and other vital parts of our body.

Q: For how long can I store bottled water?
A: In ideal circumstances bottled water can be retained indefinitely. The Asia Bottled Water Association (ABWA) recommends 2 years. AVANI is a member of that organization and endorses that recommendation.

Q: Does a lack of oxygen lead to illness?
A: Yes. A lack of oxygen clearly plays a major role in causing cells to become cancerous. The link between insufficient oxygen and disease has now become clearly established.

Q: Why is oxygen, for instance in AVANI, so important to us?
A: Without oxygen we perish. Properly oxygenated blood is the foundation of good health. Oxygen nourishes organs and cells and oxidizes toxic wastes. Increased oxygen in your body will:
l.Increase your energy level
2.Make you more alert
3.Remove toxins and poisons from the body 4.Strengthen your immune system

Q: Just how beneficial is drinking clean water?
A: Water is vital for healthy living. You should drink the equivalent of eight glasses of water a day. Clean, filtered, oxygenated water is, far preferable then to drink water contaminated with tea or coffee. You only have to substitute your regular drinks with AVANI to realize the improvement in your mental and physical well-being.

Q: How and where can I enquire about AVANI water?
A: You may contact us at the following address or email to us:
No.36, Jalan Tago 9, Taman Perindustrian Tago, 52200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Website :